Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ramadan and Patience

Islam is the religion of Peace, Love, Harmony and Tolerance. The Holy Book of Almighty Allah “Al-Quran” also teaches the same for the entire humanity in various place quoted in the respected verse. Ramadan-al-Kareem is one of the Holy Months of religion Islam. In this month, Muslims from all over the globe keep Fast from the time of Dawn to Dusk; probably know as the time from the “Call of Fajr” till the “Call of Maghrib”.

Fasting in Ramadan teaches us the Patience, Peace, Tolerance, Serving Humanity and above all Taqwa (Fear of Almighty Allah SWT). Despite of all, what a Muslim portrays the image during Fast in today’s time is unfortunately, in-tolerance, in-justice to Humanity, creating panic, rush & hassle e.t.c. However, this has never been the part of Islam nor favourable for Muslims.

Today, what we need to learn is Patience in every walk of life. In Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) says;
“Indeed, Allah is with the Patient”

Regardless of this all, in Ramadan, we often see the particular rise in Road accidents, clashes, use of abusive language, harsh behaviour, lack of Patience and Peace among everyone e.t.c, however, how we should act upon is totally opposite. We should help the needy; ignore such harsh behaviour or any sort of intolerance, act upon the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. Our assertion shall be the invitation to others towards the religion not the contrary.

 A positive attitude of Patience and Peace is most required in these special days of Ramadan, so as to serve the humanity and ourselves too with the blessings of Almighty Lord. May Allah bless us with Peace, Patience and Harmony among every human being. Ameen! 

Written By:
Salman Ahmed