Sunday, May 11, 2014

I Dream for a Karachi..

Karachi, the world’s 7th largest city and Economical Hub of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Millions of people living here with their thousands of colliding problems of daily life. Giving up a one serious look and you would find them all. However, the current dynamics of Karachi has changed so far from the past which I lived in the era till 2009, when people enjoyed their business, life and a lightened environment. But condition changed with the passage of time.

Facing the today’s life of City of Lights, every street/road has been colored with the blood of innocent citizens. Where workers of the political movement are been arrested not on the criminal activities but on their ethnicity, cast, color and etc. A city of 20 million people don’t even get a life for day without such custodial or ethnic violence. Writ of the Government is being challenged everyday but who cares? Neither State nor any other! Such non-serious attitude give huge rise to other server crimes which puts a big question over the controlling capacity of law and order by the designated LEAs. The grieved families of martyred souls protest for a day or while and get back taking their case to the biggest Court of Almighty.

On other part talking about the services, when I want to travel to any place for my work, I have to face such a journey which takes my mind towards the life of a villager. Rather than having a properly seated transport service, I, including thousands of other, have to hang over the roof and rods of public transport. But thanks to transport mafia on driving “Chingchi” service (a bike-based rickshaw), sign of rural transport, in my international city. Unfortunately that very rural service is also en-rooting over lives with unbalances and unfit vehicles. Whereas, looking into my past, I used to travel on “Green Bus Service” which was introduced by ex-local government. I still remember when people traveled so safely and easily with-in a short time and without any such problems.

A city, which had been owned by almost every citizen, was rising to the sky, when the provincial and federal government sacked the Local Government system and till yet there is no one to think and do something for the betterment of Karachi-ites. The largest city of the state, which has been known as the highest tax-payer, still has the least representation in the Provincial and Federal Houses.

No-one actually cares today that where our peaceful and enlightened Karachi has been driven to. But being a Karachi-ite, I still dream. I dream of a city, where people are not being killed or murdered on the basis of their ethnicity, cast and religious following. I dream where there’s a Full-Stop over Violence. I dream where education prevails and development increases. I dream for a city where justice is never delayed. I dream where solutions comes before the problem reaches. I dream for a city where there is no room of extremism, terrorism, thugs and other anti-state’s elements. I believe in brother-hood, harmony, peace, love, prosperity, success and a revolutionary leadership who not only rules the state, province or just a city but also the heart of Millions of Karachi-ites and for this dream, I have to stand up, I have to change myself. No matter what others say, what I think for my Karachi matters for me. Stand up for your own worth at-least, or ready to die being worthless..!

Written By:
Salman Ahmed

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ramadan and Patience

Islam is the religion of Peace, Love, Harmony and Tolerance. The Holy Book of Almighty Allah “Al-Quran” also teaches the same for the entire humanity in various place quoted in the respected verse. Ramadan-al-Kareem is one of the Holy Months of religion Islam. In this month, Muslims from all over the globe keep Fast from the time of Dawn to Dusk; probably know as the time from the “Call of Fajr” till the “Call of Maghrib”.

Fasting in Ramadan teaches us the Patience, Peace, Tolerance, Serving Humanity and above all Taqwa (Fear of Almighty Allah SWT). Despite of all, what a Muslim portrays the image during Fast in today’s time is unfortunately, in-tolerance, in-justice to Humanity, creating panic, rush & hassle e.t.c. However, this has never been the part of Islam nor favourable for Muslims.

Today, what we need to learn is Patience in every walk of life. In Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) says;
“Indeed, Allah is with the Patient”

Regardless of this all, in Ramadan, we often see the particular rise in Road accidents, clashes, use of abusive language, harsh behaviour, lack of Patience and Peace among everyone e.t.c, however, how we should act upon is totally opposite. We should help the needy; ignore such harsh behaviour or any sort of intolerance, act upon the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. Our assertion shall be the invitation to others towards the religion not the contrary.

 A positive attitude of Patience and Peace is most required in these special days of Ramadan, so as to serve the humanity and ourselves too with the blessings of Almighty Lord. May Allah bless us with Peace, Patience and Harmony among every human being. Ameen! 

Written By:
Salman Ahmed

Saturday, May 25, 2013


“As you rise, you lose touch with bottom.” This might be a definition of Leadership in today’s time. There are many examples of such leaders on different ground who misuse their position, violate laws and rules. The hunger of power and fame has given birth to new level of anxiety for being socially arrogant and materialistic. All this is due to such so-called advancement in this modern era and this causes the Leadership to constrict into one man’s ego.

Leadership is about influencing the masses to follow the ideology and examples set by the leader practically to achieve the certain goals. This influencing phenomenon basically helps to align the people with the vision of the Leader. Some might get attract with the personality & character, charisma and ideology. If following the ideology, then followers may get themselves for intense hard-work in difficulties and with patience sustained in a long run. Despite of that, if one follows the fast track route for fame and power, then he might get early good times with fame and luxury but who knows the rest?

Talking about Pakistan, keeping Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah aside, there has been still a prominent leadership lapses till the date as there is really not a single person, whom people could admire, trust, love and respect with heart. Here, people choose their leader on the basis of cast, nation, language and race. This is the major factor of such huge descend. People are simply unaware of that person who claims to be their leader because he has not been among them. A true leader is the person who rises from the depth of the grass-root and empowers the nation rather than himself.

We often compares our progress with other countries like India, Bangladesh etc, however we don’t look where we are lapsing. Are we choosing our Leaders on Merit? Are they well educated and they keep the faith of serving humanity? Probably not! The obsession with materialism has blurred the line between moral and immoral.

It’s true that leadership plays an important part in developing and organizing a nation of the state but change is not always initiated from top. There are always few committed people whose passion, vision and integration becomes a model for others to follow. Today, what we need is to devote our self to the ideology of realism and practicalism, if we really want to empower and prosper the state.

Written By:
Salman Ahmed

Monday, February 20, 2012

Wake-Up Call for Pakistan


Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a state where the masses living is comprised of numerous internal nations, cast, creed and cultures with the difference of language among them. It is said that 98% of people living in this state generally belongs to the middle class. However, the history of 64 years for so-called democratic rule has only being for the revolving among the elite class. Similarly, other countries also have various issues among them.
One Young World, a global premier youth forum, in the conference 2011 which held in Zurich, Switzerland, decided to raise the voice of various national issues around the globe on the same date i-e 21st February, with the same voice that is Wake-Up Call. The purpose of this call is to wake the nation up on their most intervening issues. Youth of Pakistan is 66% and that 66% have waken up.

(Franklin D Roosevelt)

Empowerment of Masses and democracy at grass root level, the most outrageous issue of Pakistan was selected by Pakistan’s Ambassador Leader at One Young World. Thus it has been ranked as number one around the globe. According to this theme, every individual must possess the right to speak and stand for the nation or individual’s right. As we know that the term ‘Democracy’ means the empowerment of every single person living in the society. Hence, to ensure the ideology of “Empowerment for Masses” we have to work on the practical ground. So, through this Wake-Up Call, we want arise our nation to get awaken on this grass root issue and get united against the feudalistic empowerment and implement the realistic democracy on 21st February 2012. Pakistan Zindabad.!

(H.L. Mencken)

Written By :- Salman Ahmed

Social Justice

Social Justice is a term that depicts the idea of a society where human rights, equality and solidarity values the most. It is type of a system for which every individual is in demand because through this system dignity of the human is being recognised. It is the concept of human rights and equality that involves all the social issues comprising of taxation, property redistributuion and others.

It basically aim towards the development of a society or a community through economic view where the term  “Opportunites with Equality” may exsist. How ever, it is only present in a very rare form and considered as hypothetical in this era.

Islam provides the best example of Social Justice in the name of “Zakaat” (charity), where it is obligatory to donate the certain of money so as to revolve the wealth among everyone either poor or rich. This provides a practical outlook of Social Justice to a society. Whereas, if we look towards the Political Structure of Social Justice, a formation a society where the culture of Rich, Middle Class(Upper & Lower) and Poors must get evacuated and a philosophy or ideology of realism and practical’ism must get arised. Where the working shall be done on the basis on basis of equality, religious harmony, entreprenueral free market economy, independent judiciary and more-over transparent accountability.

Hence, the general definition of social justice is hard to arrive at and even harder to implement. In essence, social justice is concerned with equal justice, not just in the courts, but in all aspects of society. This concept demands that people have equal rights and opportunities; everyone, from the poorest person on the margins of society to the wealthiest deserves an even playing field.

Written By:- Salman Ahmed

Friday, March 18, 2011


Revolution means change within every aspect of current situation to a new stage of life. What today Pakistan is suffering from is feudalism and adhaucism which had ruined this country’s sovereignty, dignity and prosperity from past 63 years. Today what this nation asks about Revolution is how, when and where!

HOW:- Initializing the revolution, we must change the corrupt political system and faces who had crushed this nation and homeland like a piece of paper, with the face and system, in which they are taught to be enthusiastic & loyal and selected on the basis of merit not on the feudalistic phone call. A leadership who have born from the grass root level as they would only understand the problems and would solve them at their ground level. This is the only way which would help this country’s envoirmental development to come at the positive and rising position
WHEN:- This answer must be decided by the suffering nation itself that at what least extent they are going to bear all this cruelty! It is said by one of the National Leader of Pakistan that:-
More you delay the stand against the opression, more you would give sacrifices”
Time doesn’t wait for anyone in any era. All required is its correct usage within righteous period. We must now stand against these crucial moments faced by this dearest homeland with Peace, Dignity and most needed Unity among the nations.

WHERE:- The homeland created on the name and base of Islam, the religion which teaches Love, tolerance, harmony and unity. But what today Pakistan is possessing its image before the world is of terror, corruption, non-loyalty and discrimination due to cast, creed, race and culture. The profound teaching of Leader of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah have been destroyed into pieces.

Revolution is now the Fate of Pakistan, because today my soil needs itself to be free from all culprits beside the honest and dedicated citizens who not only own this homeland but also care for it like their only world. May Allah bless Pakistan! Ameen.
Written by: Salman Ahmed

Monday, March 14, 2011

What Pakistan means for Revolution??

My world is my country – Pakistan. I strongly believe in a revolution through which every child here, from the foothills of the Himalayas in the North, to the warm waters of the Arabian Sea in the South, will have books not guns in their hands. They will live in a nation where they are not judged by their class, race or cast, but by the values they posses and the character they display. Our youth will be matured enough not to become tools in the hands of ethnic bigots; that our educational institutions will impart knowledge, and not serve as breeding grounds of violence. The villagers will build schools, not the graveyard for little girls ,and little boys will grow into scholars, not bombers.

To some, this may not be the right time to believe. But there is no season for beliefs; they are the very essence of life.

When education shines from every village and town, we will be able to transform the dissonance around us into a magnificent symphony. All of humans will be able to join hands and live as one. Hopefully then, we will turn this country into a homeland that preaches peace and harmony with our sincere and dedicated ownership. We will prove that Pakistan is no more the place of thugs and terrorist but it’s of Peace, love, happiness with Revolutioary Leadership that will not only rule my country but also the hearts of the millions of Pakistanis. Long Live Pakistan.! So this is the true and conceptual revolution for what Pakistan, my homeland, has been waiting for since its birth.

Written By: Salman Ahmed.