Saturday, May 25, 2013


“As you rise, you lose touch with bottom.” This might be a definition of Leadership in today’s time. There are many examples of such leaders on different ground who misuse their position, violate laws and rules. The hunger of power and fame has given birth to new level of anxiety for being socially arrogant and materialistic. All this is due to such so-called advancement in this modern era and this causes the Leadership to constrict into one man’s ego.

Leadership is about influencing the masses to follow the ideology and examples set by the leader practically to achieve the certain goals. This influencing phenomenon basically helps to align the people with the vision of the Leader. Some might get attract with the personality & character, charisma and ideology. If following the ideology, then followers may get themselves for intense hard-work in difficulties and with patience sustained in a long run. Despite of that, if one follows the fast track route for fame and power, then he might get early good times with fame and luxury but who knows the rest?

Talking about Pakistan, keeping Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah aside, there has been still a prominent leadership lapses till the date as there is really not a single person, whom people could admire, trust, love and respect with heart. Here, people choose their leader on the basis of cast, nation, language and race. This is the major factor of such huge descend. People are simply unaware of that person who claims to be their leader because he has not been among them. A true leader is the person who rises from the depth of the grass-root and empowers the nation rather than himself.

We often compares our progress with other countries like India, Bangladesh etc, however we don’t look where we are lapsing. Are we choosing our Leaders on Merit? Are they well educated and they keep the faith of serving humanity? Probably not! The obsession with materialism has blurred the line between moral and immoral.

It’s true that leadership plays an important part in developing and organizing a nation of the state but change is not always initiated from top. There are always few committed people whose passion, vision and integration becomes a model for others to follow. Today, what we need is to devote our self to the ideology of realism and practicalism, if we really want to empower and prosper the state.

Written By:
Salman Ahmed


  1. very nicely written..
    but who is to keep check on the leaders,
    what is the criteria on what basis do they form political parties..?? mostly we see people with rich background n less education in politics and this blind nation believes them like idiots.. as if they don't have their own brain to use... if we stop relying on political parties to bring change n start working on our own we can bring change... we expect our leaders to be fair and what we do... why expect from others we should change first... I liked your effort on this Article nice work

    1. Thank You Zehra for your kind words. Now answering to your questions, I believe that there is a proper channel for keeping check and balance on leadership. This is only possible when you will choose a person among your society from the grass root level to be your leader. Now you might have a question "Why from grass-root level?" Let me brief you about it, a person from the grass root is one not only suffered the hard-ships of life but he could also provide a much better solution for that. Like if I talk about Karachi, I would never accept a leader who lived his whole life in posh areas like Defence CLifton, and now he is trying to convince me that he will solve my area's problem. It is simply impossible. I emphasis on the ideology that make that person only leader whom you trust that if any problem faced by you on any ground, he shall be standing with you.

  2. Good work salman but you should emphasis on the point that Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H ) is the best leader of all times and ppl should follow him rather some politician who cares about no one but himself..our Prophet came to this world for us humans and sacrificed everything for us..he ruled a Kingdom where there was no crime but only love and education...even west consider him and Hazart Umer the best leaders of all times..

    1. Undoubtedly truth, but on other part my words belongs to today's political leadership lapse. No one could deny that the best rule which could make the life and world successful is the rule of Khilafa...

  3. my dear I think you don't know what realism is.
    on the other hand there is no such philosophy of "Practicalism"

    Moreover, materialism is itself an ideology. and we live in "Civil Society" so there is no such thing as morality for which u call people.

    and education is never a pre-requisite for leadership. :)