Monday, March 14, 2011

What Pakistan means for Revolution??

My world is my country – Pakistan. I strongly believe in a revolution through which every child here, from the foothills of the Himalayas in the North, to the warm waters of the Arabian Sea in the South, will have books not guns in their hands. They will live in a nation where they are not judged by their class, race or cast, but by the values they posses and the character they display. Our youth will be matured enough not to become tools in the hands of ethnic bigots; that our educational institutions will impart knowledge, and not serve as breeding grounds of violence. The villagers will build schools, not the graveyard for little girls ,and little boys will grow into scholars, not bombers.

To some, this may not be the right time to believe. But there is no season for beliefs; they are the very essence of life.

When education shines from every village and town, we will be able to transform the dissonance around us into a magnificent symphony. All of humans will be able to join hands and live as one. Hopefully then, we will turn this country into a homeland that preaches peace and harmony with our sincere and dedicated ownership. We will prove that Pakistan is no more the place of thugs and terrorist but it’s of Peace, love, happiness with Revolutioary Leadership that will not only rule my country but also the hearts of the millions of Pakistanis. Long Live Pakistan.! So this is the true and conceptual revolution for what Pakistan, my homeland, has been waiting for since its birth.

Written By: Salman Ahmed. 


  1. very nice way to express yourself. very nice wordings too.
    i would like to see your views on other ills of the society too =)