Friday, March 18, 2011


Revolution means change within every aspect of current situation to a new stage of life. What today Pakistan is suffering from is feudalism and adhaucism which had ruined this country’s sovereignty, dignity and prosperity from past 63 years. Today what this nation asks about Revolution is how, when and where!

HOW:- Initializing the revolution, we must change the corrupt political system and faces who had crushed this nation and homeland like a piece of paper, with the face and system, in which they are taught to be enthusiastic & loyal and selected on the basis of merit not on the feudalistic phone call. A leadership who have born from the grass root level as they would only understand the problems and would solve them at their ground level. This is the only way which would help this country’s envoirmental development to come at the positive and rising position
WHEN:- This answer must be decided by the suffering nation itself that at what least extent they are going to bear all this cruelty! It is said by one of the National Leader of Pakistan that:-
More you delay the stand against the opression, more you would give sacrifices”
Time doesn’t wait for anyone in any era. All required is its correct usage within righteous period. We must now stand against these crucial moments faced by this dearest homeland with Peace, Dignity and most needed Unity among the nations.

WHERE:- The homeland created on the name and base of Islam, the religion which teaches Love, tolerance, harmony and unity. But what today Pakistan is possessing its image before the world is of terror, corruption, non-loyalty and discrimination due to cast, creed, race and culture. The profound teaching of Leader of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah have been destroyed into pieces.

Revolution is now the Fate of Pakistan, because today my soil needs itself to be free from all culprits beside the honest and dedicated citizens who not only own this homeland but also care for it like their only world. May Allah bless Pakistan! Ameen.
Written by: Salman Ahmed

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