Monday, February 20, 2012

Social Justice

Social Justice is a term that depicts the idea of a society where human rights, equality and solidarity values the most. It is type of a system for which every individual is in demand because through this system dignity of the human is being recognised. It is the concept of human rights and equality that involves all the social issues comprising of taxation, property redistributuion and others.

It basically aim towards the development of a society or a community through economic view where the term  “Opportunites with Equality” may exsist. How ever, it is only present in a very rare form and considered as hypothetical in this era.

Islam provides the best example of Social Justice in the name of “Zakaat” (charity), where it is obligatory to donate the certain of money so as to revolve the wealth among everyone either poor or rich. This provides a practical outlook of Social Justice to a society. Whereas, if we look towards the Political Structure of Social Justice, a formation a society where the culture of Rich, Middle Class(Upper & Lower) and Poors must get evacuated and a philosophy or ideology of realism and practical’ism must get arised. Where the working shall be done on the basis on basis of equality, religious harmony, entreprenueral free market economy, independent judiciary and more-over transparent accountability.

Hence, the general definition of social justice is hard to arrive at and even harder to implement. In essence, social justice is concerned with equal justice, not just in the courts, but in all aspects of society. This concept demands that people have equal rights and opportunities; everyone, from the poorest person on the margins of society to the wealthiest deserves an even playing field.

Written By:- Salman Ahmed

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